Lake Ontario Charter Prices and FAQ

Charter Prices

Charter Type Length Price (1-4 People)
Quarter Day 4 - Hours (or limit)
(afternoons only)
Half Day 6 - Hours (or limit) $750
Full Day 8 - Hours (or limit) $900
Three Lake Ontario fishermen enjoying their charter.

Times are dock to dock
Prices based on 1-4 anglers, 5th, and 6th anglers are $125 per day additional
Kids 12 and under fish for FREE!

  • Proud anglers with large Lake Ontario king salmon.
  • Another Lake Ontario angler with giant king salmon.
  • First Mate Frenchy and a young lady angler with huge Lake Ontario brown trout caught on Good Times.
  • The only thing better than catching a Lake Ontario king salmon is everyone in a group catching several.
  • Young man holding up another awesome Lake Ontario king salmon.
  • Great picture of Lake Ontario angler holding a large lake trout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book?

We book up fast with weekends and certain times of the season going first. Being the busiest charter boat for 100 miles is a double-edged sword. If you are thinking about fishing call Capt. Nick (315-778-8245) and start the conversation. Once a date is picked a $200 deposit is due and the balance is due the day of the trip.

Q: How much are charters?

Our rates are $650 for a 4-hour trip, $750 for a 6-hour trip and $900 for a 8-hour trip. This is based on up to 4 adults but we can accommodate up to 6. Generally speaking $140-$200 per person depending on which trip option fits your desires.

Q: What is your refund policy?

Good Times Sportfishing has a 60-day cancelation policy. If for some reason you cannot make it call Captain Nick and he will work to either get you your refund or reschedule your date. If for some reason your fishing charter is canceled by Good Times Sportfishing, you may choose between a refund on your deposit or moving it to another day of fishing. Cancelations within 60 days of the trip your deposit is forefeited. Unless you have been previously notified that your charter has been canceled you are expected to show up at the dock at your scheduled time.

Q: What should I do if the weather is bad on my charter day?

Always dress for colder and wetter weather than anticipated on Lake Ontario. If the weather ends up being too rough to go out we normally make that decision at the dock so keep in mind that to get a refund you must show up at the dock for our decision.

Q: What is your minimum age for children?

Good Times Sportfishing prides itself on being the most kid friendly charter on the lake. With that said, safety is still our number one concern. With rough seas, heavy moving equipment like downriggers, and 30 pound fish flopping on the floor with hooks hanging out of their mouths we ask that kids under 8 stay at the dock for safety reasons.

Q: What is included?

All tackle and fish cleaning is included. We often have people ask about bringing their own tackle. Good Times Sportfishing is Lake Ontario’s top charter boat for a reason and the best equipment is one of them. We will take care of all bait and tackle and prefer to use only the choices we make in line, reels, rods, and tackle. Leave that lucky pole at home and come enjoy a day of fishing with the best!

Q: What else should we bring on our trip?

Please bring a face mask for your protection as well as the protection of others on your charter. Extra clothing and rain jackets just in case it rains. It is always colder offshore so be prepared. Soft-soled shoes (no black soles), sunglasses, large cooler to transport your catch, camera, bring your own snack and beverages but please avoid glass containers. Alcohol in moderation is fine. Yes, you should bring bottled water and not just beer. 8 hours in the sun requires hydration. Don't forget your fishing license (under 16 no license required). A valid New York State fishing license (under 16 no license required) May be obtained locally or from the DEC website: CLICK HERE. Lastly, bring along a good attitude so we can all enjoy the experience.

Q: Do you clean my fish?

Yes. This is another way we set ourselves apart from other charters and pass the savings on to customers. Many charter send clients to a fish cleaning station where cleaning bills can be up to $100 with gratuity. We do this all at the boat.

Q: Am I allowed to smoke?

Yes. Please be respectful of the rest of your group and do it outside the cabin.

Q: Should I tip the mate?

The traditional tip in this area for the mate is 10 - 20% (depending on service). We believe it is critically important to keep the absolute best at the back of the boat. Our mate works hard for your tip so please don’t be cheap.

Q: Will we get seasick?

You may if you have a history or are prone to it. Every year we see a few clients who get a bit green on the boat (usually in rough water). We have a lot of clients that have had success by taking over the counter drugs like Bonine or Dramamine. For some people, the Scopolamine patch by prescription from your family doctor is another alternative. If you are concerned with taking or even giving these OTC medicines to your family you may want to consider the multi-purpose electronic Reliefband which has recently been approved by the FDA without a prescription.

NOTICE: Any illegal drugs on board are PROHIBITED by Federal Law. The Captain is in full support of the ” ZERO TOLERANCE” program of the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Customs Service. No drugs, in any quantity, are permitted on board. All drugs will be reported to the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Customs.

What are you waiting for? Book your once in a lifetime Lake Ontairio fishing charter today!

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