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One important contributing factor to Good Times Sportfishing's success is our strong belief in using only the best equipment. We demand that all tackle and equipment on our boat is state of the art. We are proud to work closely with and rely heavily on the following companies in the fishing industry.

Berkley logo

Berkley Pro Spec Professional Grade

When you have a 30# king salmon on the end of your line the last thing you want is your line or terminal tackle to fail. Good Times Sportfishing uses Berkely’s Pro Spec Professional Grade monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders exclusively. The Professional series of monofilament line is the most supple, easy to tie abrasion resistant line on the market and the fluorocarbon leaders are tough as nails yet provide a refractive index that makes them disappear under the water. Their terminal tackle has been a main stay in the Great Lakes trolling world for years and continues to not let anglers down.

Penn Reels Logo

Penn Reels


Good Times Sportfishing has used a lot of reels over the years: Daiwa, Penn, Shimano, Okuma just to name a few. The truth is, all make decent reels when you get to the upper price points of level wind reels. Last year we had a chance to test the new Penn “Squalls” before they came out and decent was no longer good enough! These things are built like a tank! Not only are they built well but they have the features that we have come to recognize in a good product and curse in the others. Squalls include a reliable ratcheting drag, a line counter that is actually consistent and durability just to name a few. 

Ugly stik Logo

TOUGH!!! That is the first word that comes to mind when we think of Ugly Stik’s line of  “Big Water” and “Tiger” rods! When you fish for hard fighting fish like trophy king salmon 100+ days a year you don’t have time to deal with faulty equipment. These rods not only provide the durability that we need day in and day out but also the backbone to land HUGE king salmon and the sensitivity to ease brown trout to the net without ripping their soft mouth. 

Erie Dearie Logo

Erie Dearie makes a lot of great products geared towards catching fish on the Great Lakes. But it’s their line of cut bait products that caught Good Times Sportfishing's attention. When the bite gets tough and big king salmon are negative or when they just seem to get a taste for meat we turn to Erie Dearie’s cut bait accessories and cut bait. Their herring bait has put more fish in the boat than we can count in the last few years. Their brining process produces a durable herring strip with a metallic finish and scent that big king salmon love!

Big Jon Logo

When it comes to Big John Sports we think American made, CNC machined, aircraft grade aluminum and virtually indestructible. Good Times Sportfishing started using Big Jon Products 8 years ago and quickly discovered that Big Jon provides the only equipment that can stand up to the abuse that running daily charters (often two trips per day) dishes out. We later developed a strong working relationship with Big Jon and we have never doubted our decision. Regardless of that strong relationship, we can honestly say that you won’t find another product on our boat. 

Blood Run Tackle

Blood Run Tackle

When it comes to BIG king salmon few people can argue the effectiveness of wire divers or copper set ups. Blood Run Tackle is knocking down barriers and setting standards with their new products for wire applications. Starting with their 7-strand stainless wire. This wire keeps the tried and true 30 lb. diameter but with an amazing 43 lb’s of breaking strength! They are also running a new 60 lb. copper that goes deeper with less line out meaning either easier to handle rigs or targeting deeper fish. Stay tuned to some of the applications that we will be using when pairing these with some of the 2-speed Squall reels from Penn!


A-TOM-MIK Trolling Flies

When it comes to catching “screaming” salmon on Lake Ontario, the right fly makes all the difference. A-TOM-MIK Flies are made with top quality materials and tied on Fluorocarbon leaders with their own manufactured trebles. This paired with the fact that they come in the most current patterns developed by the top tournament fisherman and charter captains on Lake Ontario makes A-TOM-MIK Flies the 1st choice for big kings.

Torpedo Divers

Since the introduction of Zebra Mussels into Lake Ontario a few decades ago the increasingly clear water has caused successful anglers to give up some of their tried and true tactics in favor of more stealthy delivery methods in order to get their baits into the “zone”. Torpedo Products have been instrumental in Good Times Sportfishing’s ability to put fish in the box in these conditions. Their “Torpedo Divers” have also been instrumental in weighting mono, lead, and copper flat lines precisely to where the fish are and with very little drag. Torpedo products have allowed us to adapt to these changing conditions in water clarity and keep our customers happy and our coolers full!

Chamberlain Downrigger Releases

Chamberlain Downrigger Releases

Over the years Good Times Sportfishing has used numerous down rigger releases, and all had the same problem. In order to get enough tension to properly load the rod on the rigger the release had to be set tighter than wanted. This often resulting in dragging small fish “shakers” or break offs. Chamberlain Releases alleviate that problem with their vertical and horizontal settings. This dual zone tension setting allows the angler to set the release light enough to detect small fish and subtle strikes on the horizontal axis, but heavy enough to properly load the rod for good hook sets and line tension on the vertical axis. There is NO better downrigger release on the market!

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